Research Funding

COG Phase 1 Consortium grant, supporting 21 premier COG institutions charged with early phase clinical trials, is primarily funded by the National Cancer Institute and also receives additional funding from other granting agencies and from philanthropic sources (

Reviewer Comments- 2012 Competitive Renewal Application COG Phase I & Pilot Consortium Grant:


"The consortium is the premier organization in North America, and perhaps the world, with this purpose. Its efforts during the current funding period were very successful in terms of numbers of trials conducted, patients enrolled, scientific presentations, publications, and delivery of regimens appropriate for subsequent trials. These accomplishments reflect exceptional senior leadership, an outstanding group of component institutions, outstanding operations, and appropriate concern  for the special status of children with cancer as research subjects. The current application includes robust mechanisms to enhance communication and coordination among stakeholders, and includes strong processes and procedures to ensure the collection, management, and analysis of data from multi-institutional clinical trials. Moreover, the  pharmacokinetic component of the application is particularly strong...."


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