Thyroid Cancer

The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped organ that sits below the “Adam’s apple” in the front of the neck. The thyroid gland makes hormones that are necessary throughout life to regulate:
  • The body’s response to hot and cold
  • The energy level of the body
  • Weight and appetite
Thyroid cancer in children is rare. Only one in 1000-2000 children under age 20 are affected by thyroid cancer in the United States each year. Thyroid cancer is often cured. Survival rates among children diagnosed with thyroid cancer is nearly 95%. Both the incidence and the mortality rates increase with age.

There are four types of thyroid cancer:
  • Papillary
  • Follicular
  • Medullary
  • Anaplastic

Last updated July, 2011

Newly Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer
In Treatment for Thyroid Cancer
After Treatment for Thyroid Cancer

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